Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Monday, September 01, 2003
Some people may think that the term "Right Wing Death Beast" is a humorous one - tongue-in-cheek even - and that the people who describe themselves as such are just nice fellows who are sick of political correctness and over-zealous left-wing activism.

Some of our fellow travellers are even on speaking terms with them, and occasionally share drinks and polite conversation in pubs and other congenial establishements. But this is a truly dangerous trend, for they are not to be trusted!

Don't be duped fellow travellers! They are vicious henchmen!

I mean, just look at the appalling declaration on James Morrow's blog. It reads: "Lo! Who is that, rampaging along the steppes! It is DailyJames, hands clutching an oversized scalpel! He roars ominously: 'I'm going to $@#* you with such reckless abandon, the devil himself will plead for mercy!'"

As if this is not appalling enough, we learn below that it has been "created by beatings" and "powered by monkeys"!

The very thought that he can brazenly flaunt this appalling hymn (him?) to (simeon-phobic) violence is just too offensive for words. It is hate speech pure and simple! Yet, incredibly, no one complains. And some even laugh and say, "Oh, he's just being self-parodic!".

Yes, well, I'm sure some of them said similar things about Hitler early in his career: "Oh, come on, can't you see he's joking? He's really just a funny little man with a moustache - a comedian, in fact. All that saluting, goose-stepping, and foaming at the mouth - it's all in jest, surely!"

Yes, I'm sure some of them said that. And then look what happened.

Ugh. Appalling.

Well, all I can say is when you are being marched off to the gas chambers along with all those poor, beaten, nameless monkeys then don't come whingeing to me, okay!
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