Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Thursday, September 25, 2003
Right-wingers are forever claiming that the media in Australia is biased to the left. But clearly, the opposite is the case.

This piece by the appalling peenie-waver Frank Devine bears this out. In it, he actually admits to having committed an act of violence against women right in front of his (media) colleagues:

"Once forced by feminist clamour to include women in an annual baseball game I organised, I rejoiced (inwardly) when I slid into a second basewoman and sent her sailing into deep left field. More knee work on impact and she would have been over the fence for an arguable home run."

Can you believe it? Not only is he proud of this appalling act of violence; he also has the patriarchal gall to brag about it in the pages of a national newspaper!

Appalling. Just appalling!
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