Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Matt Hayden puts forward a truly speciesist (and specious!) argument in his latest post. In it, he complains that those poor sheep on the way to the Middle East shouldn't be complaining, and they're lucky to be getting a free, all expenses-paid cruise. In an appalling invocation of the patriarchal, pro-human paradigm he claims he's the one being discriminated against!

But he just doesn't get it, as usual. Conditions on those boats are truly appalling. The non-human persons aboard suffer terribly, with little space and food. If they were well looked-after, with space to move and gambol (but not gamble, of course!); regular, nutritious, biodynamic meals; and free, culturally appropriate entertainment on offer then perhaps Herr Hayden might have a point. But sadly, those conditions are a long way off. Even if Bob Brown becomes PM at the next election (here's hoping!) I'd say they are a decade away at least. So Hayden's complaints seem hollow and petty indeed.

(And anyway, if he really does feel strongly that it's discrimination, then why rage impotently - and I don't mean that in a phallocentric way - on his blog? Hey Matt, there are proper channels for these types of grievances, you know!)
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