Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Monday, September 01, 2003
Appalling right-wing peenie-wavers are forever defending the Master of Evil against accusations of racism, sexism and homophobia. "Where is the evidence?" they cynically, sneeringly enquire. "Show me the evidence. And then I might consider your argument."

Well, here's the evidence.

Convinced now, Howard-apologists?

The other disturbing thing about this snap is that this site is the only place you'll find it. I mean, surely every media outlet in the entire country would be itching to get hold of such a shot? Wouldn't they?

Well, they would if this actually was a democracy, in which freedom of information and expression was allowed.

But it isn't, of course. And newspaper editors won't touch it for obvious reasons. If Jackboot Johnny found out about it, they'd be living on borrowed time. He'd probably come around to their houses and do what he's just about to do to these poor children. Or, if he was currently indisposed - off sucking up to Dubya, or something - he'd probably send that bully and bovver-boy Tony Abbott (he was a boxer, you know!) 'round to "rough them up a little".

I never thought I'd say this, fellow travellers, but now when I hear people say it's inaccurate to compare today's Australia with Nazi Germany I have to agree. Why? Because today's Australia is much, much worse.

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