Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Thursday, August 21, 2003
These Nazis are just so funny. Have a look at this site by a self-described "Right-Wing Death Beast From Hell". (Hey, you said it, buster!)

This appalling blog is full of endless complaints about our paradigm-busting agenda to create a more harmonious, non-racist, non-sexist, non-speciesist society. You'd think it would be a "no-leftist" zone, wouldn't you?

Think again. If you go to the site and scroll down you'll see two photos, one of a cat dancing with a hula hoop and the other of a "Swiss Army Ant".

The blogger has posted them because he finds them amusing. Ha! This isn't comic relief. This is nature fighting back. This feisty feline and this inspirational insect are waving the flag for the wild, shouting out loud (and proud): "Hey humanity. Anything you can do, we can do better, okay!"

The cute fluffy animals are subverting the speciesist pro-human paradigm right under his nose - on his site, no less - and he doesn't even realise it!

Hey, Mr Evil Pundit man. You think you're being humorous. But really the joke's on you!

So, to all the cool cats, empowered eagles, leftist lemmings (and any other political animals out there) I say gather round and sing along with me now:

"We shall overcome...
We shall overcome...
We shall overcome someday...
Oh, deep in my heart I do believe that we shall overcome someday..."
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