Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Sunday, August 17, 2003
I've been reading and hearing quite a bit about the life and "crimes" of our fellow traveller Idi Amin lately. Many of those appalling right-wingers have been gloating over his recent passing.


Some have repeated the rumour that the "dictator" Amin ate his enemies. Well, it was only a rumour. And if it was true, what's wrong with it? They were his people, after all.

As we on the Left all know, the little black people are much closer to nature than we are. They live in harmony with the land and the cute fluffy animals. So, wasn't this merely another kind of recycling? In that sense it was similar to one of the innovative techniques used by fellow traveller Saddam; a technique described in the western media as "human shredding".

Wouldn't "mulching" be the more appropriate term?
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