Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Sunday, August 24, 2003
By the way, fellow travellers, you may have noticed that Paypal logo down below. And you may also have noticed that the e-mail address it links to belongs to that appalling peenie-waver Matt Hayden.

This may have led to a few of you plaintively asking, "Er, please explain?"

Well, don't worry. We are not sharing an account out of friendship. He is still my sworn enemy.

You see, several months ago I committed a rather daring act of sabotage. It's described in Hayden's blog in the first post here.

So, in his typical vengeful manner he decided to get even. He got access to this Blogger account and put his pathetic little logo on there as well, so that any funds people may offer me will go to him. (He's also included a hit counter and promotion tools. Obviously trying to set up some kind of popularity competition. Ha! Typical.)

Initially, I thought of removing the Paypal logo and replacing it with my own. But I decided against it. Paypal is an American company after all, so to use its services would be an act of pure evil. (And anyway, I don't actually need the money, since my recent lecture at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas paid more than adequately. Also, my creative sneezing classes are full to capacity, as always.)

So I thought, well, go ahead and have a few of my crumbs, Herr Hayden, you pathetic little loser. I am just so much bigger, better and richer than you (spiritually speaking of course).

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