Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Wednesday, May 07, 2003
The news just keeps getting worse, fellow travellers. Here, an exiled Iraqi expresses the view that the coalition of the willing (coalition of the appalling, more like) liberated Iraq! And he says that Chirac, Kofi Annan and others on our side have no authority to speak on behalf of his people. How dare he say such a thing!

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this is the fact that he professes to be an artist. Calls himself a "poet". Yeah, sure you're a poet, Mr Great McSatan-appeaser! And I know just what kind of poetry you write: the rhyming kind!

Okay, so one "artist" has gone over the dark side. (Er, sorry, I mean the pale side.) But at least we know that Australian artists are, to a person, still deeply committed to the war against war.
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