Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Thursday, April 10, 2003
Speciesism sadly still pervades our Western "civilization", fellow travellers. Here is another tragic example of it. This story, about a puppy who swallowed a knife, then had it removed, is told in straightforward terms as an upbeat, happily-ending "quirky". And that's the end of the matter.

But does anyone look more deeply into this event? Like, ask why the canine guzzled the lethal kitchen implement in the first place? No. Of course not. That would be weird wouldn't it!

But I will. Why? Because I care. And I'm not afraid of ridicule. It just makes me stronger (and I don't mean that in a masculinist way).

So, why did the pup commit this quite spectacular act of self-harm? Well, perhaps it's a generational thing. He looks around and sees all the older dogs in blind obedience to their human "masters". And he says, "Me? Man's 'best friend'? No way. I'd rather die!" And so he swallows a knife, not unlike the vanquished shoguns of yesteryear committing sepuku.

Or perhaps he's making a brave, quasi-vegan stand against indoctrinated carnivority. His "master" has been cutting up meat with that knife, hasn't he? So what our plucky paradigm-busting pup is saying is: "Hey! Don't harm those herbivores. Not in my name, you don't! And if you insist on doing so, well, you'll have to harm me to do it!"

He's being a canine shield.

So, he performed this courageous act, right. Then what did his master do? Took him to the vet and "saved" him! I mean, like rub it in why don't you Mr Dog Owner. Surely the most "humane" (and I don't mean that in a speciesist way) thing to do would have been to let nature take its course and let the knife take his life. Then his brave act would have had some resonance. But no, technology "triumphs" yet again and the vet is hailed as the "hero". Appalling!

(My animal companion Jocelyn certainly agrees with this sentiment. But then, being a Siamese cat, she could be a bit biased.)
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