Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Wednesday, April 30, 2003
More appallingly right-wing speciesism in the media, this time from Gerard Henderson. In this appalling, fascist diatribe, Henderson claims that Labor is completely out of touch and electorally doomed.

The article begins: "Despite many a (false) prophecy, Simon Crean's opposition to the involvement of the Australian Defence Force in the second Gulf War did not even deliver the proverbial 'dead cat's bounce'." It concludes: "Right now, in electoral terms at least, leftism is a (bounceless) dead cat."

No only was I outraged that such a biased point of view should be published in one of our beloved papers; my animal companion Jocelyn was too, by Henderson's use of such a callous, feline-phobic analogy.

Appalling. Just appalling!
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