Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Thursday, April 03, 2003
As you well know, my animal companion Jocelyn and I have long been advocates of Zero-Tolerance Tolerance (ZTT). It has worked very well for us -- and for the helpless little minorities it champions -- for quite some time. But it's clear that more and more people are brazenly rejecting this very reliable technique of achieving social harmony.

Take this example, in which the appalling Janet Albrechtsen accuses our fellow traveller and ZTT practitioner Chris Puplick of being censorious. Censorious? How dare she say such a thing! Excuse me, Janet, but ZTT encourages a diversity of opinions -- as long as they're not offensive. How can that be censorious? It's "freedom of speech" that's truly censorious. Because then only right-wing opinions are heard. We all know that.

In the article she actually espouses a society in which people can say what they like -- even about issues such as race and ethnicity! But then what will happen to the poor little black people, yellow people and swarthy people, without people like me, Puplick and other champions of Zero-Tolerance Tolerance to protect them? As we all know they're just hopeless on their own.

More and more of them will participate in their own oppression, become right-wingers, and promote "democracy". Then what will we do? I dread to think.
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