Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Saturday, March 29, 2003
I have just learned that dolphins are being used to locate underwater mines in Iraq. This is of course truly appalling. But they are to face even further degradation after their tasks are performed. You see, some of them will surely be hailed as aquatic war heroes on their return and will no doubt be paraded repeatedly before the TV cameras. I fear that the combination of this adulatory anthropormorphism and mass media celebrification will create a false consciousness that will prove truly destructive to the spiritual health of the average peace-loving cetacean.

A similar form of media-centric speciesism (this time relating to chimps) has been criticised by many high profile scientists and animal rights activists. As Dr Roger Fouts says in this memo: "To take chimpanzee infants from their mothers and force them to perform degrading acts of buffoonery is appalling."

I agree completely, Dr Fouts. It's appalling. Just appalling!
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