Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Saturday, March 29, 2003
Greetings fellow travellers. I'm back!

After investigating the source of my template-related blogging troubles for several weeks, I came up with no hard evidence of sabotage. And as we all know, when there's no hard evidence, there must have been a US government-orchestrated conspiracy and cover-up.

I have my suspicions about exactly who was involved, of course. Perhaps I'll describe them one day in a tell-all book. But for now I've decided to "let go" of my anger over the whole distressing episode and create a new blog. To this end I've chosen a really down to earth template. Because now, I'm going to get, like, really serious. With Dubya now carrying out his evil plan to take over the entire world by force I'm more determined than ever to wage peace on the Great McSatan. Even if it means having to cancel some of my creative sneezing classes!
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