Fight Fire With Sapphire!

~ Friday, April 29, 2005
Fellow travellers, please don't think that I have ceased offering my wisdom online. I did have a long hiatus, but I have resumed blogging here.

Update your bookmarks. And we can continue waging peace against the Great McSatan together!
~ Monday, November 10, 2003
Right-winger Matt Hayden links to a vicious attack on the ABC miniseries Marking Time by the appallingly named Wogblogger.

They really are being most unfair. I saw it, and found it deeply, deeply moving. I kept thinking, this is just so accurate! So accurate, I could have written it myself.
~ Sunday, November 09, 2003
Here's yet another reason we should have obeyed Mother Nature's wishes, and never developed nuclear power. (And, incidentally, why we should never have responded to that brave act by those maginificent 19 freedom fighters with the appallingly named "War on Terror".)
~ Saturday, November 08, 2003
Fellow travellers, I have been away from blogging for a while. But various events have kept me from the keyboard. The most recent of these was the freeing of Pauline Hanson - a truly terrible event. Is there no justice in this country?

My feminist cat Jocelyn and I were devastated. We had been praying for her to die in prison (and I mean that in a life-affirming way) so the news sent us reeling. We have spent the last few days in our isolation tank, just trying to calm down.

On another note, I noticed that I've received many hits from the appalling Great McSatanites at Right Wing News. There is a link stating that my site has a "great concept behind it". I don't have a clue what this means. But I suspect it could be something to do with rumours spreading through the more reactionary reaches of the Blogosphere that I am some sort of satirical construction. Nothing could be further from the truth! (And when I say "truth" I don't mean that in the, like, absolute sense.)

I don't know exactly who's started these rumours, but I think it could be Bernard Slattery or one of his appalling cohorts.
~ Friday, October 17, 2003
The appalling Matt Hayden has broken into my Blogger account yet again!

He's attempting to earn money from a pay-per-click search engine. He's also placed a permalink down below.

How pathetic!

Oh well, if he wants to earn a measly few dollars off my efforts, then let him.
~ Tuesday, October 14, 2003
For all the right-wingers who don't believe that the Great McSatan is determined to colonise our country (and when I say "our" country, I don't mean just anglos; of course I inlcude all the little black people who are the real custodians of the land) then have a look here, especially at the URL.

They say the initials are for "Connect Infobahn Australia", but we know what they really stand for, don't we fellow travellers? And isn't it interesting that it's an IT company? No doubt so they can keep an eye on us through our internet connections!
~ Saturday, October 04, 2003
Fellow travellers, last night I watched the most amazing doco! It was all about how the Great McSatan (under Tricky Dicky Nixon) bribed Stanley Kubrick into shooting faked backup footage of the Appollo lunar landing, then had all those involved (except Kubrick) assassinated. A more detailed synopsis is found here.

This is big, fellow travellers. Big. In fact, it's almost as big as that conspiracy by the CIA, the FBI and Starbucks to destroy the twin towers of the WTC and frame Osama, thereby justifying their "War on Terror" and finally achieving their ultimate aim: the ousting of Natasha Stott Despoja as leader of the Democrats.

I'm going to get in touch with my fellow travellers Robert Corr and Tim Dunlop to see if they saw it.

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